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Substance Abuse Treatment Admissions in Texas, 2015 (ages 12 and over) Source: Common Addictions in Texas by the Numbers One of the ways to assess which drug addictions are most common in a state is to look at data regarding drug treatment admissions. According to statistics on Texas treatment admissions, marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the state; cocaine and heroin take second and third place, respectively. 1 A few factors contribute to the high rate of marijuana abuse in Texas ; the introduction of blunt cigars has driven up the use of cannabis, as has the trend toward vaping cannabis oil. The availability of quality marijuana from Colorado also plays a role and abusing the substance has become one of the more common addictions in Texas. Many people mistakenly assume that marijuana has no addictive properties and cannot be abused, but drug treatment admissions statistics clearly refute this. Although cocaine, which includes crack as well as the powdered form, was responsible for the second-highest number of treatment admissions in Texas, cocaine addiction in the state has decreased in recent years. The demographics of cocaine abuse are changing as well. The percentage of African American cocaine users has decreased, while the percentage of Caucasian users has increased. 2 Recent forensic data reveals that more and more cocaine is being discovered along the Mexican border, so cocaine use may see a spike in the near future. Heroin abuse has been skyrocketing across the United States in recent years. As recently as 2003, use of the drug had reached record lows. Just over a decade later, the number of heroin users has tripled. This level of heroin addiction hasn’t been observed since the heroin epidemic of the mid-1970s, both in Texas and elsewhere in the country. Texas’ location on the border of Mexico plays a role in the state’s heroin problem. The most common forms of heroin being sold and used in Texas are powdered brown heroin and black tar heroin—two types of heroin manufactured in Mexico. These formulas are not desirable for smoking and are usually injected.

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which cocaine is the best

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